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Fine by me nghĩa là gì

(that's) fine with me Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

(that's) fine with me

I'm amenable to this situation. A: "How do you feel about going to the eight o'clock movie?" B: "Fine with me!" Sure, spaghetti's fine with melet's start cooking.See also: fine

(that's) fine with me

and(that's) fine by me; (that's) okay by me; (that's) okay with meThat is agreeable as far as I am concerned. (The expressions with by are colloquial.) Sue: I'm giving away your old coat. Bob: That's fine with me. Sally: Can I take twenty dollars out of your wallet? Fred: That's okay by meif you can find it, of course.See also: fine
See also:
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  • cut it fine
  • cut it/things fine
  • do fine for (someone)
  • do somehow for
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  • fine and dandy
  • dandy

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