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CPU socket 775 list

Socket 775, also called Socket T or LGA775, is a Land Grid Array (LGA) socket used by several generations of desktop Intel microprocessors starting from Pentium 4 and up to Core 2 Quad / Core 2 Extreme families. The LGA775 supports Intel CPUs from 1.8 to 3.8 GHz with Front-Side Bus frequencies ranging from 533 MHz to 1600 MHz. This socket superseded socket 478.

The Socket 775 differs from all earlier x86 sockets in the sense that it doesn't have pin holes. Instead, it has 775 gold-plated contacts arranged as a grid 33 x 30 contacts with 15 x 14 section de-populated in the center, with one corner contact and 4 contacts on two sides on the socket removed. After the processor is placed into the socket it has to be secured by pushing down socket's load lever. The socket 775 is guaranteed to last at least 20 insert cycles.

The size of the socket LGA775 is 1.48" x 1.48" (3.75 cm x 3.75 cm), or about 15% larger than the size of socket 478. At the same time the socket 775 has 60% more contacts. The increase in the number of contacts without equivalent increase of socket size was achieved by reducing the distance between contacts. Another advantage of the new socket design is the lower resistance of the contacts, which reduces the amount of heat generated by socket and socket contacts.

LF-LGA775 socket is RoHS-compliant version of LGA775 socket.

Supported processors

All processors in the table below will physically fit into the socket LGA775, but not all of them are supported by all motherboards. If you're upgrading an old computer system please make sure that the CPU is compatible with your motherboard. Please see "Upgrading socket 775 motherboards" section below for information on how to determine what microprocessors can be supported by your motherboard.

CPU FamilyFrequencyThe fastest CPU(s) Celeron 400 series1.6 GHz - 2.2 GHzCeleron 450 Celeron D2.4 GHz - 3.6 GHzCeleron D 365 Celeron Dual-Core1.6 GHz - 2.6 GHzCeleron Dual-Core E3400 Core 2 Duo1.8 GHz - 3.33 GHzCore 2 Duo E8600 Core 2 Extreme2.66 - 3.2 GHzCore 2 Extreme QX9770 Core 2 Quad2.4 GHz - 3 GHzCore 2 Quad Q9650 Pentium 42.66 GHz - 3.8 GHzPentium 4 672
Pentium 4 670
Pentium 4 571
Pentium 4 570J Pentium 4 Extreme Edition3.2 GHz - 3.73 GHzJM80547PH1092MM (BX80547PH3730F) Pentium D2.66 GHz - 3.6 GHzPentium D 960 Pentium Dual-Core desktop1.6 GHz - 3.06 GHzPentium Dual-Core E6600 Pentium Extreme Edition3.2 GHz - 3.73 GHzPentium Extreme Edition 965 Xeon 3000 series1.86 GHz - 3.16 GHzXeon 3085
Xeon E3120
Xeon X3230
Xeon X3380

There are no CPUs from other manufacturers compatible with socket LGA775.

Compatible package types

775-land package - bottom view

775-land Flip Chip Land Grid Array package.

The picture on the right shows the bottom view of the 775-land LGA package.

Upgrading socket 775 motherboards

To determine the fastest supported processor for socket 775 motherboard you'll need to:

  • Determine manufacturer and model of the motherboard,
  • Search on manufacturer's website for the motherboard model.

For upgrade information for ABIT, ASrock, ASUS, DFI, ECS, Gigabyte Technology, Jetway, MSI, PC Chips and Shuttle motherboards please check CPU-Upgrade motherboard database.

Processor Installation

For processor installation instructions please look at your motherboard manual, or go to this page on Intel website.

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