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Socket 1151v2 CPU list

Socket 1151 is a Land Grid Array type of socket, used with 6th generation desktop Core microprocessors and 5th generation Xeon processors. The socket, which is also referred as LGA1151 and H4 in Intel documentation, has 1151 land contacts and uses Independent Loading Mechanism (ILM) for easy CPU installation and removal. The ILM also ensures that the CPU is secured in place, and that sufficient force is equally applied to all land contacts.

The socket 1151 was introduced in August 2015 as a part of LGA1151 desktop platform, and it succeeded socket 1150, used by "Haswell" and "Haswell Refresh" CPUs. The LGA1151 is compatible with "Skylake" desktop and server processors, that have the following features: 2 or 4 CPU cores, up to 8 MB of L3 cache, integrated GT1 or GT2 graphics and a dual-channel memory controller. The socket supports Direct Media Interface 3.0, PCI-Express 3.0, and 3 display interfaces. It also supports DDR3L memory with data rates up to 1600 MHz, and DDR4 memory with data rates up to 2133 MHz. The LGA1151 is compatible with Intel B150, H110, H170, Q150, Q170 and Z170 desktop chipsets, and C236 workstation chipset.

As already been mentioned, the LGA1151 has 1151 land contacts. They are arranged as a grid 40 x 40, with a 24 x 16 section de-populated in the center of the grid. 65 contacts are also depopulated mostly from the socket corners and edges. The socket LGA1151 has the same width and height as socket 1150. However, the sockets are not interchangeable, and the socket 1150 (Haswell) processors will not physically fit into the socket 1151, and vice versa. Socket 1150/1155/1156 fan/heatsinks, however, can be with the socket 1151.

Supported processors

Below is a complete list of production and unreleased processors, that physically fit into the socket 1151. Not all of them may be supported due to motherboard limitations, such as maximum TDP limit, chipset type and BIOS version. For that reason please always make sure that the CPU is compatible with your motherboard before buying the CPU.

The following processors are planned for the socket:

Compatible sockets

There are no sockets, compatible with the LGA1151.

Compatible package types

The only compatible package is 1151-land Flip-Chip Land Grid Array (FC-LGA). LGA1150, LGA1155 and LGA1156 packages are also of FC-LGA type, but they do not fit into the socket 1151.

Upgrading socket 1151 motherboards

For upgrade information on ASRock, ASUS, Biostar, ECS, EVGA, Gigabyte and MSI motherboards please see CPU-Upgrade CPU support database. If you cannot locate your motherboard make and model on the cpu-upgrade website then use CPU-Z or similar program to determine the type of Intel chipset on your motherboard, and then look in the Intel chipsets section on the, or search for the chipset on Intel's website.

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